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E & K Restore Are Your Local Water Damage Restoration Experts

Atlanta Water Extraction & Water Restoration

Water damage problems can come from several sources: plumbing failures, storms, and rising flood waters are common. Water damage restoration is the process of repairing the damage to structures and personal property from water immersion, sediments and foul materials possibly carried with the water. Water damage restoration usually begins with inspecting the structure and determining the extent of any foundation, wood frame or wallboard damage.

A serious water damage problem is mold and mildew growth. Not only do these smell and look nasty, they can lead to serious health issues. Eliminating all possible water damage problems and dampness is paramount for curbing any mold or mildew growth.

E&K Restore knows that mitigating water damage requires a fast response and effective methods. For this reason, we offer 24/7 water damage response,  professional water cleanup, and restoration services throughout Buckhead, Atlanta, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule an inspection.

E & K Restore Is Ready To Help 24/7

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Water Damage Inspection

The first thing you should do, when you find unwanted water in your home or business, is call E & K Restore for a quick and free, professional water damage inspection. We will quickly send one of our water damage experts to review your property, identify any water damage and provide us with the information to develop a restoration plan.

Water Removal

The first step in any water related disaster restoration is to extract all the standing water from your home or business. Our team will work around the clock if need be to remove every last drop from your property. This step is vitally important in the effort to prevent any further damage from being caused by the standing water.

Damaged Materials Removal

Once the water has been extracted, our team can shift the focus towards addressing the actual damage. In this phase we will work to identify, isolate and remove any materials that have been irreparably damaged. This step will cease any progressive damage to porous materials like drywall, floorboards, and ceilings.

Drying & Dehumidification

The last step in the water extraction process is to address any trapped moisture that has been absorbed by the materials in your home or business. Using a combination of dehumidifiers and industrial blowers will allow us to efficiently return your property to a safe and dry state. Completing this step properly is an important step in stopping molds from beginning to grow.


In order to ensure that you receive accurate coverage from your insurance, E & K Restore will clearly document the entire restoration process. This will include: taking photos of the progress, listing damaged items, and maintaining clear records throughout the entire restoration process.

Water Damage Restoration


Restoration may involve wholesale replacement of various elements (framing, ceiling, floors, joists, cabinetry, door frames, etc.) or repair localized portions of the structures depending on the extent of the damage. Storm damage may be restricted to just one room whereas flood damage can afflict the entire building.

Another aspect of water damage restoration is the personal property within the building: carpets, furniture, clothes and appliances. Wood furniture immersed or event exposed to dripping water can swell, rot and lead to mildew growth. Depending on the quality of the furniture and the desire to restore the piece, the decision will be whether to have the furnishing restored or replaced. The same decision will also have to be made concerning carpets and rugs. Depending on the extent of the damage and the length of time the flooring fabric is wet, there is a choice between carpet cleaning and replacement. One factor to keep in mind, however, is carpets and rugs thoroughly immersed in water then cleaned and dried can still have serious damage to any cotton or wool fibers. Cleaning may save money but in time the carpet’s condition can quickly deteriorate with foot traffic.

Water damage problems are a serious disaster leaving homeowners or businesses devastated. When dealing with such conditions it is imperative to immediately call professionals to assess the damage. Either through insurance agencies or directly with water restoration companies, don’t hesitate to start the restoration process as quickly as possible.

Quick Estimates

When you call E & K Restore, we will immediately send a technician to your house to conduct a free inspection, and our team will quickly develop a project estimate that is guaranteed to be accurate.

Expert Restoration

Our team of highly skilled, heavily experienced, and properly certified restoration professionals utilize industrial grade equipment to quickly return your property to its pre-damaged condition.

Help With Insurance

One major piece of helping you recover from the disaster is handling the insurance claim. At E & K we do everything we can to make sure you are completely covered by your insurance for any damages.