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Local Sewage Backup Cleaning & Removal Service

Professional Sewage Backup Cleanup

Removing sewage backup from a building is difficult and hazardous work that requires a professional team of plumbers with the proper equipment and certification. You need to have filthy sewage removed from a residential or commercial property as quickly as possible via sewage backup cleanup services to avoid additional contamination and expensive building repairs.

It is impossible to live in or conduct business from a building that has an overflow of hazardous sewage. For this reason, E&K Restore offer 24/7/365 sewage cleanup services and sewage damage restoration services in McDonough GA, Atlanta GA, and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule sewage restoration for your property.

Schedule a Sewage Damage Inspection

Our Sewage Cleanup Removal Process

Sewage Backup Inspection

When you contact E & K Restore to help with a sewage backup related disaster on your property, we will immediately send one of our sewage damage specialists to conduct an inspection. The purpose of the inspection will be to identify the cause of the backup and evaluate the extent of the damage.

Sewage Water Removal

Depending on your specific case, there may be black water standing on your property. Because this water is tainted, it can cause serious amounts of damages in a relatively short amount of time, so our team will work relentlessly to remove all of this water before it can damage any more of your property.

Damaged Materials Removal

Sewage water is highly toxic and extremely destructive, so in the case of a backup there may be a considerable amount of irreparable materials as a result of coming into contact with the sewage. To minimize this damage, our sewage restoration team will safely collect and dispose of this material in a professional manner before the water can spread further.


Once the black water has been successfully removed, our team of certified restoration professionals will use moisture meters in conjunction with industrial grade dehumidifiers to bring the moisture levels within your home or business back down to a safe level.

Sewage Damage Repairs

Sewage backup is usually brought on by issues with plumbing that will need to be fixed. But with sewage backups also come some level of damage. We have already removed the damaged materials, so as a licensed general contractor, and turnkey restoration company, we will complete all necessary repairs to get your life back to normal as soon as possible.

Sewage Damage Restoration Services

There are many causes of sewage backups — from a flood to faulty bathroom fixtures and broken sewer lines.  Unfortunately, there is no quick fix or household cleaner that will remedy the situation The truth is that it doesn’t matter where the backup originates from — sewage contains toxic waste that necessitates a professional response from a certified sewage damage cleanup company.

E and K Restore has ample experience providing sewage backup cleanup services to home and business owners in Altanta and surrounding areas. We respond 24/7 to provide sewage cleanup, making your home habitable for living. Our team follows all guidelines and adheres to health code stipulations to ensure that your home and well being are the main priority.

E&K Restore Offers Sewage Damage Repairs

Professional Sewage Removal

E & K has the skill and the necessary equipment to properly dispose of contaminated water. Our sewage cleanup and removal service is paired with structural drying and dehumidfying.

Sanitary Disinfection of Sewage Affected Areas

Once the sewage has been removed, any mess has been cleaned, and any repairs have been made, our team willthoroughly disinfect and sanitize your entire property to ensure no health risk remains.

Complete Sewage Damage Restoration

We won’t stop at simply cleaning up the mess, at E & K Restore, we will ensure that your property is returned to a safe and optimal condition. Whether it be plumbing fixes or structural repairs, we will finish the job.

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