Sewage Cleanup

3 things You should know before trying to clean up sewage backup yourself.

Sewage Cleanup Service

E & K Sewage Cleanup Team can to your Sewage Backup FAST! We provide sewage cleaning for all of Metro Atlanta, and surrounding cities.

One: Sewage Backup is a Hazardous Substance

Sewage backup occurs for several reasons such as a natural flooding incident, defective bathroom fixtures or a broken sewage pump. No matter what the reason for having sewage inside a building, it is a hazardous substance that requires a specialized cleaning process. You cannot suction sewage from floor tile and carpets with a household vacuum cleaner or remove its pathogens with store-bought cleansers. The only way to have sewage backup removed is by contacting a professional sewage cleaning company that understands how to clean the debris according to local health code standards.

Two: You Need Immediate Sewage Pump Repair in a Building

Major causes of sewage backup are a defective sewage pump or broken sewer lines. You must call a plumber that works to repair sewer lines and pumps in addition to beginning a sewage backup cleaning at the same time. When you contact a plumbing company with a large team of employees, it is possible for one plumber to perform a sewage pump repair while another begins to remove sewage from surfaces. At the same time, another plumber is able to repair sewer lines.

Three: Cleaning Sewage and Repairing Sewer Lines is Hard Work

Removing sewage backup from a building is difficult and hazardous work that requires a professional team of plumbers with the proper equipment and certification. You need to have filthy sewage removed from a residential or commercial property as quickly as possible to avoid additional contamination that leads to expensive building repairs. It is impossible to live in or conduct business from a building that has an overflow of hazardous sewage.