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Full Service Fire Damage Restoration In McDonough GA

Fires are any homeowner’s worst nightmare, but having a trusted local fire damage restoration company can reduce a lot of the stress that comes with a fire. E&K Restore offers full service fire damage restoration, which includes everything from initial inspection to boardup services, water damage restoration, smoke damage cleanup and deodorization, repairs, we will even help take care of your insurance claim. 

Give the experts at E&K Restore a call following a fire related disaster and we’ll respond immediately and provide you with a free fire damage inspection.

Emergency Fire Boardup Services

When your property is damaged by a fire related disaster, any broken windows, damaged doors, or compromised structures can leave your property vulnerable and at risk of further damage. Our emergency fire boardup service ensures that any exposed areas of your property are sealed and protected from the elements, along with any wild or wandering animals, as well as vandals. When you call E&K Restore, we offer immediate response to your fire damage needs.

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Fire Damage McDonough Restoration Process

Fire Damage Inspection

When you call E&K Restore, we will immediately look to schedule a free fire damage inspection. During this inspection, our technicians will evaluate the extent of the fire damage, as well as identify any structural damages and use this information to write up a restoration plan with time and cost estimates that are guauranteed to be accurate.

Emergency Fire Boardup

To secure your property following a fire related disaster, our emergency response team will board up and tarp any exposed areas as soon as the fire marshal has declared your property safe to enter.

Water Extraction

Depending on the size of the fire, a significant amount of water may be used during the extinguishing effort. This water will need to be addressed before any of the other damages because it can quickly lead to considerable and costly damages. Our team will immediately begin extracting the water, removing any overly saturated materials, and completely drying your property before moving on to the fire damage cleanup.

Fire Damage Cleanup

With the standing water extracted and the overly saturated or damage materials removed, we will move on to the drying and dehumidifying stage. Using industrial blowers in combination with dehumidifiers, our team will work to restore the dryness levels within your property back to a safe and normal state. Throughout this process, we will be taking readings with our moisture meters, which will allow us to accurately see how much moisture remains trapped in your property, which ensures that when we are done, your home or business will not be at risk of developing any mold growth or further, moisture related, damage.

Fire Damage Restoration

As a turnkey restoration company, E&K Restore can complete every step of the restoration process with the same professionality and attention to detail. We handle repairs of all sizes and types. You can count on E&K to handle the entire fire damage restoration project without the need to hire a third party contractor.

Does My Insurance Cover Fire Damage?

Typical homeowner’s insurance policies will cover damages and property losses from fire related disasters. There are some wrinkles that may impact your coverage, such as fires resulting from negligence, but to really understand what your specific coverage is, we recommend you give your insurance provider a call and ask them to walk you through your policy.

Why Choose E&K Restore For Fire Damage Restoration

Quick Estimates

When you call E&K Restore, we will immediately send a technician to your house to conduct a free inspection, and our team will quickly develop a project estimate that is guaranteed to be accurate.

Licensed Professionals

E&K Restore is a licensed general contractor, and our team are all fully IICRC certified, so not only can we complete any job, you can rest assured knowing that every job we do will be up to code and completed safely.

Help With Insurance

One major piece of helping you recover from the disaster is handling the insurance claim. At E&K Restore we do everything we can to make sure you are completely covered by your insurance for any damages.

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