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E & K Restore Is Your Local Flood Restoration Company

Flood Damage Cleanup Professionals

With flooding comes immediate damages, as well as long term risks. Flood cleanup and restoration isn’t just about removing the water from your home or business, it’s also about minimizing those long term risks. Our company has been in the flood cleanup business for many years now helping out countless residents and businessowners in the Atlanta area.

At E & K Restore, we employ fully licensed and IICRC technicians, and are committed to providing you with great service from start to finish.

Common Causes Of Flooding

Flooding can happen for a wide variety of different and hard to predict reasons. Some freak accidents, and other causes are more preventable. The most common causes include:

Leaky Or Burst Pipes

Sewage Or Toilet Overflow

Malfunctioning Appliances

Flooding is a very serious matter, and handling the disaster correctly can save you thousands of dollars and months of time for repairs. It’s for this reason that contacting a professional at the first sign of flooding is so vitally important. Call E & K Restore if you have any concerns and we will send over a specialist to take a look at the issue, all for free.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services Are Available 24/7

The Dangers of Flood Damage

Reports estimate that up to 90% of natural disaster damage comes from flooding. This is not surprising as flood water damage seeps into homes, businesses, vehicles, and more. Not only is flood damage stressful, it is also expensive to repair. Beyond these factors though, there are also a number of dangers of flood damage.

A priority concern of flood damage is the potential for structural damage such as broken glass, structural instability, or electrical damage. Furthremore, flood water is hazardous to your health as it can contain sewage, bacterial, mud, chemicals, gasoline, fertilizers, and more. Everything that is in the water permeates all absorbable materials in your home such as carpets and drywall.

While there are many dangers of flood damage, E&K Restore is equipped and qualified to handle the project. Trust us to return your property to pre-loss condition that is habitable for you and your family.

Our Flood Damage Cleanup Process

Inspection & Assessment

Following a flood, be it an interior, plumbing issue, or a natural disaster, the first thing you should do is contact the flood experts at E & K Restore to schedule your free site inspection. We will immediately send out a specialist to assess the damages and provide you with any emergency services necessary.

Water Removal

Once we’ve established that your property is safe to enter, our team of water damage technicians will begin strategically extracting any standing water from within your property. Completing this step quickly is the key to salvaging your belongings and minimizing the cost of the restoration.


Depending on the origin of the flood water, and especially if it is either sewage or runoff, extensive cleaning will be necessary to return your home or business to a safe and habitable condition. As soon as the property is dry, our team will begin cleaning, then disinfecting every surface that came into contact with the flood water.

Water Damage Restoration

Floods can cause major damages, but no matter the size, big or small, you can always count on E & K Restore to handle your restoration needs. We are a turnkey restoration company, keeping all of your restoration bills in one place, keeping communication with your insurance provider concise and straightforward, and getting you back to your normal life as soon as possible.