We expect there to be water in your bathroom. However, the constant flow of moisture can often lead to water damage. In turn, it is the expectation of water’s presence in the bathroom that often leads to water damage going unnoticed for extended periods of time. To ensure you don’t miss hidden leaks, you need to know what you are looking for. Today, E and K Restore is sharing a few of the most common signs of water damage in the bathroom.

Common Bathroom Water Damage Signs

Use this list to help you pinpoint any water damage culprits in your bathroom.

1. A Strong Musty Odor

Often, water damage may begin to emit a foul smell before you even notice its more visible symptoms. A damp, earthy aroma is a key indicator that mold has begun to sprout. Because mold requires a moisture source to grow, this is clear evidence that you have water damage on your hands. Check under cabinets for leaking pipes, behind walls, and also behind shower heads. These areas tend to trap moisture in a way that is difficult to fully dry. 

2. Visible Mold Spores

In some cases, you may see the mold growing. If so, you should take action as soon as possible to avoid negative consequences to your health. Visible mold growth makes it certain that you have an untreated water damage issue. Professional mold remediation services are your best bet for eliminating the issue and protecting your family. 

3. Compromised Flooring Materials

In general, your bathroom flooring materials will be able to withstand a bit of moisture without hassle. The problem comes in when your flooring is exposed to excess water. You may notice cracking, bubbling, warping, or discoloration when there is a leak. If the floor feels spongy, the subfloor has also been affected. This can have devastating consequences for the structural integrity of the floor and anything underneath. 

4. A Difference in the Walls

If you have a water leak behind the wall, the drywall will take on damage. This usually presents itself in the form of peeling, flaking, or blistered paint, or saturated wallpaper. Soaked drywall swells, making it soft when touched. Separation in walls or where the floor meets the wall can also be a clue to a leak. 

Catch Water Damage Before it Becomes a Bigger Problem

Periodic inspections are necessary to catch the signs of water damage in your bathroom early. Call E&K Restore as soon as you notice any of the described symptoms. We respond 24/7 to provide water removal services, water damage cleanup, water restoration, and water damage repairs. We’re here for you!