Jackson GA

Exploring Jackson, GA


Located just 40 miles south of Atlanta, in the historic Butts County,  Jackson, Georgia is a city rich in history and culture. Within this progressive and diverse city you will find historic homes, various amenities and small town comforts. The downtown area, on the Jackson Square, offers a variety of different restaurants, family owned stores, and beautiful scenery which highlight the essence of this idyllic town.

A Brief History Of Jackson, GA


Founded in 1826, Jackson began as a 300+ acre plot which was quickly divided into squares and each square into lots. Until the arrival of the railroads in the late 19th century, the city of Jackson was isolated from the bigger cities and no more than a small village. In 1882, the first train arrived in Jackson, and with it came a whole new world of opportunities and luxuries, like work, food and utilities.

Over the next 100 years, Jackson grew into a respectable city of industry, with the textile factories employing a large portion of the residents. Not much later, the interstate was built, traveling by Jackson and offering quick and easy access to Macon and Atlanta. In the mid to late 1900’s, Jackson moved away from its industrial roots and became a city focused on serving its residents.

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Things To Do In Jackson, GA

Aside from its charming downtown area with the surprising selection of restaurants, one thing that stands out in Jackson is its proximity and accessibility to some of Georgia’s most impressive natural beauty. From Dauset Trails Nature Center, to High Falls State Park, to Lake Jackson, there is no shortage of recreational activities to take part in while you enjoy your time in the area.

The community in Jackson, as is common in Georgia, is always offering events or activities to take enjoy the diversity and hospitality of the residents. From farmer’s markets, to theatrical events, to interactive workshops, there is something for everyone in Jackson.

Restoration Services In Jackson GA

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