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Chattahoochee Hills, GA


With the recent expansion of the city territory the population has risen to just over 3300 residents. This young and perspective city still has plenty of room to grow and to develop, making a perfect choice for someone looking for growth. The emerging city is good for business, for residents, and everyone. E&K Restore is very proud to serve Chattahoochee Hills GA and the surrounding areas with our emergency restoration services.

Things to do in Chattahoochee Hills, GA


The small size and population of this city makes for pristine nature and surrounding areas. So it is no wonder that some of the best sites to visit are in lush green territory. You could take a hike in the East Palisades Trail and discover amazing views of the Chattahoochee River. Or if you are feeling a bit more adventurous how about a some paddling down the river itself? By the end, you could stop for a bit of game fishing. 

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Restoration Services In Chattahoochee Hills, GA

E&K Restore is a local Chattahoochee GA restoration company, assisting homeowners and property managers clean up their properties after disaster. When you find water damage, fire damage, mold, sewage, or other disasters strike your home, it’s important to act fast.  E&K Restore has a 24 hour emergency line to take your call so that the response time is brought to a minimum. You never know when disaster might strike so it is important to be ready and to know your posibilities in case one does strike. E&K Restore offers the following restoration services in Chattahoochee Hills, GA :

When your home has water damage, a quick and effective response is needed. Our trained and certified crew  responds 24/7 to provide emergency water extraction and water removal, water damage clean-up, drying and dehumidification. We will salvage everything that can be salvaged and repair or replace what cannot be. Count on E&K when you need professional water damage services. 

A sewage backup is never pleasant or fun. While there are many reasons to call in the reinforcement of a professional Chattahoochee Hills sewage cleanup company, probably the biggest one is your health. E&K Restore responds 24/7 to handle your sewage backup cleanup and sewage damage restoration needs with ease. Call us today to schedule a free inspection.

Fires are without a doubt one of the most devastating events for your home or business. Not only is the property unsafe to enter, it is also under threat from vandals, animals and elements. In order to help you recover as quickly as possible, we respond 24/7 to offer emergency fire board up, water extraction, drying, fire damage restoration, and fire damage repairs. Call now to protect  your property.

Inclement weather brings strong winds and heavy rain with it. These elements often cause trees to fall in and around your home or business. Branches can impale your roof, creating damage and allowing water to enter. This is more common than you think, and when that happens it is best to be ready. Call E&K Restore for professional storm damage cleanup and storm damage restoration.

When you have mold in your Chattahoochee Hills property, you are facing a significant and serious serious health issue. Long-term exposure to mold causes symptoms a myriad of light to heavy symptoms. Do not take mold lightly as it has been known to even cause death. Mold is especially hurtful to individuals with asthma, children, and senior citizens. Seek E&K for mold removal as soon as you notice mold.

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